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Get your body ready for summer

Category - Health & Fitness
Published on - 01 May 2019

Summer is nearly here and at the Vale Resort we are getting out bodies ready for summer.

We all want the perfect summer body, so we are sharing our effective and achievable top tips to get you into shape this summer.



 1. Set your goals and be prepared

It’s easier to kick start your new regime once you have set out what you want to achieve; ensure this is achievable and don’t pressure yourself to do too much in your time frame.

2. Stay focused

Plan your meals effectively, this is the best way to maximise your time and keep a good track of your weight loss. Making a log of your daily intake will allow you to measure and identify what works best for you.

3.Find a work out that works for you

Whether you choose to join the gym, go for a run or simply a brisk walk.. Think about the exercises you’re doing and what muscle groups you’re targeting Try to target larger muscle group exercises, this will help you reach your goals faster.



4. Avoid Fad diets

Throw celebrity endorsed diet pills and teas, take it back to basics! Star by developing a solid nutrition plan that’s built around you and your lifestyle to ensure it works for you. Plan your meals around a good protein source, as this will help keep you fuller for longer and help with your muscle recovery.

 5. Patience

We all have bad days, so don’t be so hard on yourself. You may not lose as much weight as you want to one week, or your training session may not go to plan, but the key is to keep focused on what you have achieved and your end goal. Stay positive and keep pushing, you will achieve your goals.


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