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Statutory Compliance

Gender Pay Gap

As part of the J H Leeke & Sons group of companies the Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Limited (trading as The Vale Resort) prides itself on the large number of staff who have worked for the company over an extended length of time and believes that this is a reflection of the fairness and integrity with which the business is run together with its family-friendly, flexible approach to part-time working wherever possible.

The company’s recruitment and career development strategy ensures that everyone regardless of their background, race, ethnicity or gender have equal opportunities. Furthermore, the breadth of career opportunities has enabled the company to create a business environment that attracts and retains a good balance of men (48%) and woman (52%).

The Company regularly reviews remuneration by role and ensures that pay rates are governed solely by job position and not gender. Equality of earnings for male and female employees is paid for work completed across all disciplines.

Hourly rate of pay

The relatively small variance in mean and median earnings is a direct reflection of the family friendly approach to working hours which the company takes. All staff are supported in their approach to balancing their working and family life and, in many cases, this means looking at working reduced hours. There are considerably more part-time females to males.

Bonus Pay

The bonus based criteria against which male and female employees is gender neutral and is not the cause of the pay differential. Bonus payments are appropriate for relatively few roles within the company and the small sample size has led to the relatively large disparity in these figures. This has been exacerbated both by the fact that the proportion of overall salary paid as a bonus is much higher for some job roles than for others in accordance with industry practices and also the fact that some bonuses have been paid to some colleagues in relation to work undertaken for other group companies. At the current time there are more males in roles attracting proportionately larger bonuses than females and the company is comfortable that its equal opportunities policy is always observed at the recruitment.

Pay Quartiles                     Female             Male
Top Quartile                          40%                60%
Upper Middle Quartile          49%                 51%
Lower Middle Quartile          59.2%              40.8%
Lower Quartile                      59.2%              40.8%

Once again these figures directly reflect the family friendly approach to working hours which the company takes and the higher proportion of part-time female colleagues.


The Leekes Retail & Leisure Group and The Welsh Government’s Economic Contract

The Leekes Retail & Leisure Group are pleased to support the Welsh Government’s Economic Contract initiative which requires businesses to demonstrate their commitment to growth, fair work, employee health & skills and reducing their carbon footprint.

There are a number of areas where we can demonstrate the support the Group gives to the aims of Welsh Government to develop businesses to meet the needs to today and to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the future which include:

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