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Our beautiful Autograph Collection is designed for all ages and focuses on turning back time leaving “Ageless Beauty”. Our beautiful decadent range of mind relaxing facials will leave you feeling totally pampered and skin beautifully radiant, plump and flawless. Our Body treatments are designed to relieve all muscle tension from head to toe and release any blocked energy the body can succumb to on a daily basis, accompanied with our tailored made essential oils the body and mind will feel like it has traveled on a journey of pure bliss.


Vitamin C Boost Facial 55 mins | £65
Skin can look tired and dull from the day to day elements, pollution, stress and not enough water. Drench and boost the skin with our infusion of Vitamin C. Active vitamins work on penetrating much deeper into the epidermis and dermis of the skin aiding hydration, repair, protection, and firmness, leaving the skin looking visibly beautiful.

Timeless Beauty Facial 55 mins | £65
Roll back the years with our anti aging facial. Your therapist will use long lymphatic movements zoning in on the neck, jawline, cheeks, forehead and concentrating on the eyes. Using ingredients such as collagen and vitamin E this facial is designed to work on the cell structure of the skin in turn leaving it rejuvenated, restored, hydrated with a dew like appearance.

Youth Booster Facial 55 mins | £65
You may have youth on your side but skin can become congested, shiny and excessively oily. This is due to increased androgen levels which produces excess oil in the pores of the skin. A triple exfoliation using a fruit enzyme which munch away at dead skin leaving the it deeply cleansed and exfoliated, working with sensitive products so not to over stimulate the skin.


Chakra Balance Massage 55 mins | £65
The concept of Chakra originates from the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda. There are 7 energy centres along the spine that are believed to connect your sub-conscious with your body and a Chakra Re-Balance seeks to help restore your balance in your Chakra system. You will be able to choose from one of 4 specially prepared essential oils to specifically resonate with your needs – Calm, Restore, Nurture and Awaken and gentle touch combines with long soothing strokes combine to help re-discover yourself.

Restoration Wave Massage 55 mins | £65
Inspired by the tides of the oceans this massage will help you change to way you breath, move and think. Just like the waves, gentle rhythmical strokes using mainly forearms follow a continuous flowing motion that help heal old wounds and bring joy to your body. Four unique essential oils will be offered –
each with their own unique properties to reflect your personal, physical and spiritual needs.

Traditional Swedish Massage 55 mins | £65
The world’s favourite traditional massage and one as popular today as ever.. A massage that helps sooths muscles, aids blood circulation, helps flush out toxins, helps keep tendons and ligaments supple and generally helps you relax and feel pretty good all over. Softer strokes and the more delicate and bonier parts of your body combined with deeper and stronger strokes where he muscle is thicker will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for whatever life brings next.

Time Traveller Massage 55 mins | £65
Flights and long car and train journeys can often confuse the body’s internal time clock and can sometimes impair the production of your body’s hormone – Melatonin which is in charge of your body’s sleep patterns. Our specially designed “Time Traveller” massage is intended to speed your body’s recovery from extended travel and allow you to feel invigorated and refreshed and will aid a good nights rest. Specially created essential oil combined with deep massage along the body’s acupressure points help you overcome mood swings and tiredness and will help realign your internal body clock.

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