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How to keep fit in 2019

Category - Health & Fitness
Published on - 27 December 2018

As the multiple mince pies take their toll, Rhys Fulthorpe, health and fitness supervisor at the Vale Resort, shares his top fitness tips on how to ease yourself into a healthier 2019.

Three people using rowing machines

1. Be prepared

If you’re kicking off your new regime on January 1st , make sure your trainers and kit are ready the night before and you’ve put some thought into your meals for the day after New Year’s Eve. That way, you’re ready to go - no excuses.

2. Set clear targets

It’s great to have something to work towards, so don’t be afraid to set yourself specific goals - whether it’s weight or fat loss, muscle gain, or tightening up on your measurements. But be realistic about what you can achieve within your time frame.

3. Keep a record

Take pictures of yourself and record key body measurements before you start your new routine, mid-way through it, and when you reach your goal. You may not always see the progress you’re making simply by looking in the mirror or jumping on the scale.

4. Exercise smart

Think about the exercises you’re doing and what muscle groups you’re targeting.  Try to target larger muscle group exercises rather than isometric exercises – for example, choose a deadlift over a bicep curl. If in doubt, ask a professional.

5. Avoid fad diets

Forget celebrity, Instagram diets, or magic pills that promise the world and deliver nothing. Develop a solid nutrition plan that’s built around you and your lifestyle. Plan your meals around a good protein source, as this will help keep you fuller for longer and help with your muscle recovery.

6. Keep hydrated

Drink water throughout the day and be careful what you order when you’re out. We all know alcohol is calorific and if you’re heading out for coffee, opt for an Americano or a skinny latte, rather than a syrup-laden, cream-topped concoction. This is a good way of saving your calories for the treats that you really can’t live without.

7. Rest and recovery

Don’t over-do it straight away. Sleep is important for recovery, muscle growth and to ensure you’re fresh for the next session.

8. Keep at it

We all have bad days. You may not lose as much weight as you want to one week, or your training session may not go to plan, but the key is to keep focused on what you have achieved and your end goal. Stay positive and keep pushing.

9. Get out

It’s not all about the gym. Increasing your general activity, even a brisk walk during your lunch hour or after work, is a great way to eat into your calorie expenditure.

10. Keep it social

It’s always easier to stick to a fitness regime when you’re in company. Join a fitness class, find a running buddy, or enlist the help of a personal trainer. Exercising in company is more fun and you’re less likely to drop out of a planned session if you’ve made a commitment to someone else. 

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