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How to keep safe this bonfire night

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Published on - 01 November 2018

Keep yourself and your family safe this bonfire night with our safety tips and advice.

Although bonfire night is an exciting time of year for children and adults alike, with the arrival of some autumnal favourites such as toffee apples, hot chocolate and writing your name in the air with sparklers, we have put together a few safety tips to bare in mind to keep you safe and ensure you have a good time this bonfire night. 

Beach bonfire

If you are lucky enough to have a garden big enough to fit a bonfire, always ensure you leave plenty of space around it, building it away from your house, shed or fencing (anything that could easily catch fire). It is also advisory to light the bonfire with firelighters and never pour petrol on it as this can take it out of control incredibly quickly. Keep a bucket of water nearby for any emergencies or if you have an outdoor pipe, attach a hosepipe to it before you light your bonfire.
For helpful advice on building a bonfire click here.


When it comes to fireworks you should only purchase safe and legal fireworks from a reputable retailer that are marked with BS 7114 (The British Standard of Fireworks). After following the instructions on the packaging, you will need to light the fireworks at arms length with a taper and stand well back. Once the fireworks have stopped going off leave them a few moments before going back over to them in case they are not completely finished. Never throw fireworks into the bonfire!


Photo by Malte Lu from Pexels

Sparklers are a fun addition to bonfire night but also require some precaution. It is recommended that sparklers are not given to children under 5. When holding sparklers you should wear gloves, tie long hair back and hold them horizontally away from your face and body. Sparklers should be lit in an open space when it isn’t too windy. Once they are lit you shouldn’t run with them and when they go out they should be put in a bucket of water.

Dog looking through window at fireworks

It’s not just our safety we have to think about, if you have pets it is best to keep them indoors. Shut all windows and doors and close the curtains (unless you think they’ll enjoy the view). Leaving a television or radio on is also a suggestion to stop them getting scared from the loud noises.

Red burning sparkler

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury from Pexels

Finally, make sure you clean up after the display, ensuring there are no unlit fireworks left out and pour water over the embers of the bonfire before leaving at the end of the evening.

Have a safe and enjoyable bonfire night!

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