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Our top tips to relax your mind

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Published on - 23 December 2020

If you're struggling to switch off, we've got you covered! Whether you like to unplug and zone out or get active in the outdoors we've got all you need to take some time out to clear your mind and relax.

We know this year has been far from what we thought and we understand it hasn’t been easy for anyone. With lockdown 3.0 upon us, January is going to be a very long month, so we have made a list of helpful ways to relax.


Although it seems simple we often forget the importance of breathing, just a small amount of time to refocus our attention to our breathing can set us at ease. We suggest taking 10 minutes per day to sit and to draw attention to your breath and start to switch if your mind. You can even set a reminder on your phone to put some time aside for yourself.

Active relaxation

Relaxing doesn’t have to be sitting still in a dark room, getting out and about can blow away the cobwebs and freshen your mind. Taking a walk along your favourite route (we love our welsh mountains and beaches!) with your music or a podcast. 


Get creative

Take hold of your artistic flare and let it run wild! Focusing your energy on your love doing can help clear your mind of negative feelings. You can try a range of different artistic hobbies such as painting, jewelry making, playing an instrument, putting your baking skills to the test, or even dancing.


Listen to music

Plugging in to unplug is one of the nation’s favourite ways to relax. Taking some time to listen to your favourite album can help you switch off or even your favourite podcast, whether you prefer something to make you laugh, self-help, ASMR or general chitter chatter a podcast is a great way to zone out without feeling alone. Find the top-rated podcasts in the UK here


 Tech check

Ditching the technology can give your mind the space it needs. Taking some time away from your devices can help you feel less busy and stressed allowing you to refocus your energy into something relaxing and helpful to your mind.


Guided meditation

Guided meditation is something that can take a little bit of practice but is extremely rewarding and you can do it from the comfort of your own home via instructional apps or online videos. Having a meditation guide can help you recognise and understand how the mind works in meditation helping you to get the best from your practice.



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